Nosrat Charkhi was born 1972 in Teheran and lives in Germany since 1990.
While in the beginning he kept focusing on collecting platters and vinyl discs, his interest in own poetic and electronic creations grew soon. Hence during the ensuing period more and more inspiring collaborations with musician buddies and artists took place.
Finally Nosrat participated in diverse projects as composer, author and in 1994 as active musician, until in 1998 he began developing his distinct musical style under the label Noston.

Among his preferred instruments are trumpet, keyboards, synthesizer, analogue modular systems, sequenzer, vocoder, theremin and the Akai wind controller/synth, which offers a broad range of possibilites to experiment with sounds and to break new uncommon grounds.

Besides album publication under his label Noston he featured his mixture of Electronica and vocal art on various live events as DJ and performance artist down the road.
Furthermore, a series of self-made videos and multimedia presentations, fitted with his music, were produced over the last years.

1994 Nosrat and Dusan Novakovic (aka Spacy) founded the band Soylend Green.

In 1997, Nosrat was a student in a drumming workshop led by Jaki Liebezeit (ex Can member).

1998 Nosrat contributed as a trumpeter to the tune Foreign Devil (from the album Arse Quake) by Yonderkids, released 1999 on Source Records.

2005 Neckarstadt Blues and Prison in your Body appeared on the Sulphur Sonic Sampler 2005.
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